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May 1, 2022

This episode is a replay of a FB/YouTube live stream that I recorded with some friends to talk about the catastrophe known as the Chief Donut Maker Contest. My guests included: Matt aka BigBlock from @BigBlocksGarage, Blake from @DIYHEMI, Jovita aka @SRTJovita, Michaela Brass aka @MissMopar7172, Tommy Maurader aka @Slicks_of_Hope, and Dr. Bud Kleppe aka @ScatPackClub on IG. We even had a special guest! Artie Shaw Jr. (@artieshawjr) who was one of the Chief Donut Maker Contest Top 10 Finalists, and who is actually friends with the new Chief Donut Maker came on the show to give us his take on the whole thing.

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