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Aug 30, 2021

This Saturday night FB LIVE episode was a celebration of episode #100! I had some of my Mopar friends on the show to celebrate and talk Mopars with me which is always a great time! This episode was recorded on 08/21/21. / @TalkingMoparsPodcast

Aug 23, 2021

Another awesome Friday Night LIVE replay from FB with The Mopar Hunter and friends sitting around talking Mopars and stuff! This episode was recorded on 08/20/21. / @TalkingMoparsPodcast


Aug 18, 2021

This Monday Night LIVE episode was intended to just be a no agenda shoot the breeze type of episode, but my friend Matt (Instagram: @side_rhode) hopped on the live stream to talk Mopars with me. I guess you could say it ended up becoming an impromptu Direct Connections episode, and that's awesome! This is the replay of...

Aug 10, 2021

This is the replay of Monday night's impromptu live streamed podcast on FB. I had some friends join in the chat, and we talked Mopars. This episode was recorded on 08/09/21. / @TalkingMoparsPodcast