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Mar 1, 2022

On this episode I had the honor of speaking with Kevin Helmick, the owner and driver of one of the fastest Hellcats on Earth known as GRMPYCAT. Kevin piloted GRMPYCAT to a 6.99 at over 200MPH to become the first Hellcat to break the 6-second barrier in the 1/4 mile. Kevin and his GRMPYCAT will be battling it out against Leon Epling and his 007 Challenger March 18-20 for the title of World's Fastest Hellcat at the 20th anniversary of Muscle Cars At The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway! For more info about the event and to register please visit Muscle Cars At The Strip! If you want to witness part of hi-performance history then I will see YOU in Las Vegas! 

Recorded On: 02/26/2022

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