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Apr 25, 2022

On this special edition Firday Night LIVE "After Dark" show I had my friends Matt (@BigBlocksGarage) and Blake (@DIYHEMI)  on to talk Mopars with me for the first part of the show. We also had Blake tell his story of the accident that occured that severly burned his face and arm. After catching up with both Matt and Blake we went into a subject that I am very interested in which is the paranormal. We shared some of our own stories including some super eerie stories from Matt, and then we were joined by some other friends including Bryan Brinker from Dust Devil Garage (YouTube), Jed Scott from Scott's Speed Shop (YouTube), and one of my buddies who helped me haul Dumpster Fire, my friend Paul to talk about a bunch of different paranormal and weird thought provoking subjects. It was a fun episode, but I would advise not listening to this episode with younger more sensitive ears. 

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